KC Freedom Project
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Without the help of organizations such as the KC Freedom Project and other innocence projects many falsely convicted persons would never regain their freedom and walk from within the prison bars that confine and separate them from their families and friends.





Welcome to the KC Freedom Project information page. We understand how difficult it is for incarcerated persons to represent themselves Pro Se in a court of law. Due to the limited resources in the prison law libraries inmates are most times left without having access to valuable up to date law changes, statues and information causing them to be at an disadvantage as they  petition the courts. We serve as an extension to connect the inmate with information  and assistance needed in the following areas at no cost for the inmate for advocacy services. We take a limited amount of Pro-Bono investigative cases as well as we offer discounted rates for all other cases.


Obtain court transcripts and police investigative reports.

Search for inconsistencies within cases.

Provide video services for the recording of  witness interviews and witness recantments. We also provide funeral video services. 

Locate witnesses for court ordered appearance.

Perform extensive background checks on witnesses.

On a weekly basis we touch in agreement with FEAR Ministries every Thursday at 7:00 Pm in prayer. Please feel free to call in on the prayer  line and pray with us as we lift those who are innocent and wrongly convicted before the Lord in prayer.

The prayer conference line number is 563-999-2090 once on the line enter access code 939939.

 We strongly believe in the power of prayer and that it is only by the hand of God that the innocent and wrongly convicted will be set free.

We are considered to be GAP STANDERS for the wrongly convicted. We extend our hands and resources to help them with their cases. We do not provide or give any legal advice nor do we litigate cases as we are not licensed attorneys.